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Property details

Case reference: LB/20/03217
Address: South Kensington Underground Station; 20-48 (even) and 36-46 (odd) Thurloe Street; 1-9 (odd) Pelham Street; 20-34 Thurloe Square, LONDON
Ward: Brompton and Hans Town
Polling district: 02
Listed Building Grade: 2
Conservation area: Thurloe and Smith's Charity

Applicant details

Applicant's name: Native Land (Kensington) Ltd, South Kensington Properties Ltd and London Under
Applicant company name: DP9 Ltd
Contact address: 100 Pall Mall LONDON SW1Y 5NQ

Proposal details

Application type: LB (Listed Building)
Proposed development **APPLICATION AMENDED 16.08.2021** Mixed use development of the land around South Kensington Station providing for: the demolition and redevelopment of the Bullnose (including Use Classes A1, A2, A3 and B1), demolition and faτade retention of the Thurloe Street Building, refurbishment of the retail facades along Thurloe Street, refurbishment of the Arcade, construction of a building along Pelham Street comprising of residential use (Use Class C3), retail use (A1, A2 and A3), and Office use (use Class B1), construction of a building along Thurloe Square to provide for Use Class C3, alterations to South Kensington Station to provide for Step-free access to the District and Circle Lines and fire escape, including consequential alterations to the layout of the Ticket Hall, construction of two retail facades within the Subway, and other works incidental to the application proposal (MAJOR APPLICATION - Consultation deadline 26.09.2021).
Date received: 11 Jun 2020
Registration date:
(Statutory start date)
03 Jul 2020
Public consultation ends: 03 Oct 2021
Application status: Appeal Received
Target date for decision: 02 Oct 2020

Decision details

This case has not yet been decided.

Decision: Refuse Planning Permission/Consent
Decision date: 13 Dec 2021
Conditions and reasons:


The proposed works, by reason of their height, massing and architectural design would result in less than substantial harm to the Grade II listed South Kensington Underground Station, and would fail to preserve the special architectural and historic interest of the listed building. The identified harm is not outweighed by the public benefits of the proposal. The proposed works are therefore contrary to development plan policies CL4 of the Local Plan (2019) and HC1 of the London Plan (2021), and guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework.


Committee details

Decision by: This case is currently due to be decided by the Planning Committee.
Date:18 Nov 2021
Venue:The Council Chamber
Report item number:STR8

Appeal details

This case has not been appealed.

Planning Inspectorate reference number: Y/22/3301446 - 3300872
Appeal received: 20 Jun 2022
Appeal type: REF (Refusal of Permission)
Appeal procedure: I
Appeal start date: 28 Jul 2022
Deadline for comments to be received by the Planning Inspectorate: 31 Oct 2022
Hearing/Inquiry date:18 Jan 2023
Number of days for Hearing/Inquiry:11
Appeal decision: Awaiting decision
Appeal decision date:

Contact details

Planning case officer: Martin Lomas
Planning team: Strategic Developments Team
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 7361 3012

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The consultation period for this application has ended.

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