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Property details

Case reference: PP/16/06961
Address: 216-218 Earl's Court Road, LONDON, SW5 9QB
Ward: Earls Court
Polling district: 08
Listed Building Grade: N/A
Conservation area: Nevern Square

Applicant details

Applicant's name: Chelsea Food & Wine Co Ltd
Applicant company name: Monmouth Planning Ltd
Contact address: 38A Monmouth Street LONDON WC2H 9EP

Proposal details

Application type: PP (Planning permission)
Proposed development Retention of roller shutter and open shopfront.
Date received: 19 Oct 2016
Registration date:
(Statutory start date)
14 Dec 2016
Public consultation ends: 13 Jan 2017
Application status: Appeal Received
Target date for decision: 08 Feb 2017

Decision details

This case has not yet been decided.

Decision: Refuse Permission/Consent and Enforce
Decision date: 08 Feb 2017
Conditions and reasons:


The shopfront alterations that have taken place without approval, due to the size of the openings, lack of shopfront, and the size and material of the shutters, give an unbalanced appearance to the property and a dead frontage that fails to preserve the character of the street or the wider conservation area and undermines the vitality and attractiveness of the area. The development is contrary to the guidelines set in the SPDs for Shopfronts and Designing Out Crime and is contrary to policies CL3, CL10 and CL11 of the Consolidated Local Plan 2015.



Policies of Particular Relevance
You are advised that this application was determined by the Local Planning authority with regard to Development Plan policies including relevant policies contained within the London Plan 2015 (Consolidated with Alterations since 2011); the Consolidated Local Plan 2015 and the 'Saved' policies of the Unitary Development Plan adopted 25 May 2002.


Refused/No pre-app or discussion
To assist applicants in finding solutions to problems arising in relation to their development proposals the Local Planning Authority has produced planning policies, and provided written guidance, all of which are available on the Council's website. A pre-application advice service is also offered. In this case the proposal does not comply with guidance and policies. No pre-application discussions were entered into, but the Council is ready to enter into discussions with the applicants through the advice service to assist in the preparation of any new planning application.

Committee details

Decision by: This case is currently due to be decided under delegated powers.

Appeal details

This case has not been appealed.

Planning Inspectorate reference number: W/17/3171649 & C/17/3171646
Appeal received: 14 Mar 2017
Appeal type: REF (Refusal of Permission)
Appeal procedure: WR (Written Representations)
Appeal start date: 19 May 2017
Deadline for comments to be received by the Planning Inspectorate: 30 Jun 2017
Appeal decision: Awaiting decision
Appeal decision date:

Contact details

Planning case officer: Ben Brockey
Planning team: Central Area team
Telephone: 020 7361 3012

Comment on this application

The consultation period for this application has ended.

Documents related to case PP/16/06961

Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
20 Oct 2016  CIL Documentation  CIL Documentation-1767230.pdf   CIL FORM 
20 Oct 2016  Other  Other-1767231.pdf   DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENT 
20 Oct 2016  Photo  Photo-1767232.pdf   PHOTOGRAPHS OF SHOPFRONT 
20 Oct 2016  Correspondence  Correspondence-1767233.pdf   COVER LETTER 
20 Oct 2016  OS Extract  OS Extract-1767235.pdf   LOCATION PLAN 
20 Oct 2016  Receipts and payments  Receipts and payments-1767237.pdf   FEE CALCULATION 
20 Oct 2016  Other  Other-1767234.pdf   Examples of Roller Shutters 
20 Oct 2016  Other  Other-1767236.pdf   AttachmentSummary 
20 Oct 2016  Application Form  Application Form-1767238.pdf   ApplicationFormNoPersonalData 
16 Dec 2016  Correspondence  Correspondence-1799962.pdf   Validation acknowledgement 
16 Dec 2016  Site Notice  Site Notice-1799963.pdf   Site Notice 
16 Dec 2016  Site Notice  Site Notice-1799964.pdf   Site Notice 
19 Dec 2016  Site Notice  Site Notice-1801462.pdf   Site Notice 
23 Dec 2016  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1804406.pdf   216 Earls Court Road  
03 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1807594.pdf   PHOTO 1 OBJ COUNCILLOR MALCOLM SPALDING 
03 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1807595.pdf   PHOTO 2 OBJ COUNCILLOR MALCOLM SPALDING 
03 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1807596.pdf   PHOTO 3 OBJ COUNCILLOR MALCOLM SPALDING 
03 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1807597.pdf   PHOTO 4 OBJ COUNCILLOR MALCOLM SPALDING 
03 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1807616.pdf   COUNCILLOR LINDA WADE 
03 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1807618.pdf   COUNCILLOR MALCOLM SPALDING 
04 Jan 2017  Public Comment - Objection  Public Comment - Objection-1808144.pdf   50 Kensington Mansions  
30 Jan 2017  Consultee Responses  Consultee Responses-1837454.pdf   ENFORCEMENT COMMENTS 
08 Feb 2017  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1799872.pdf   EXISTING SHOPFRONT 
08 Feb 2017  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1799873.pdf   SITE PLAN 
08 Feb 2017  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1799874.pdf   PROPOSED SHOPFRONT 
15 Mar 2017  Appeal Form  Appeal Form-1862064.pdf   APPEAL FORM 
24 Mar 2017  Appellant`s Case  Appellant`s Case-1866682.pdf   STATEMENT OF CASE 
23 May 2017  Appeal Start Letter  Appeal Start Letter-1897309.pdf   APPEAL START LETTER 
05 Jun 2017  Council`s Case  Council`s Case-1903226.pdf   APPEAL QUESTIONNAIRE 
30 Jun 2017  Decision  Decision-1915737.pdf   Decision Notice 
30 Jun 2017  Report  Report-1915738.pdf   Report (Officers) 
03 Jul 2017  Appeal Council’s Case  Appeal Council’s Case-1916655.pdf   STATEMENT