Antisocial drivers face fines

26 May 2016

As the noisy, antisocial supercar season approaches the Royal Borough is reminding visitors and residents of the powers it now has to combat antisocial motoring in Knightsbridge.

Since the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) last December drivers of any vehicles in the Knightsbridge area can be fined for:

• Revving engines
• Repeated sudden or rapid acceleration
• Racing
• Leaving the engine running while parked
• Performing stunts
• Sounding horns
• Playing Music
• Using offensive language and/or intimidating behaviour towards others
• Causing obstruction on a public highway, including driving in convoy

Anyone found breaching the PSPO will face a fine of between £100 and £1,000 for each offence.

The PSPO is enforced between noon and 6am and fines can be issued by Council officers or the police.

If residents in the Knightsbridge area notice a vehicle breaching the order they can call the Council on 020 7361 3002 or email with the following information:

• Where did the breach occur?
• What time did the breach occur?
• Which of the criteria from the PSPO were breached?
• What was the make, model and colour of the vehicle?
• What is the vehicle registration number?
• If possible can you provide a description of the driver or passengers?
• Are you prepared to provide a witness statement? (We cannot pursue a case unless this is provided)

To find out the area the PSPO is enforced in and more information go to