Bus cuts disaster for residents

10 October 2018

We are concerned by the cuts to the Capital’s bus services that the Mayor of London and TfL propose in a London-wide consultation launched on Friday 28th September. These cuts, which would result in a 13 per cent reduction in bus services across the borough, appear to have been done purely as a money saving exercise. We are now warning the Mayor of London that his plans to slash bus services across central London will be a disaster for residents, visitors to the borough and the Capital as a whole and we urge him to reconsider.

In Kensington and Chelsea, the plans to cut some routes, will mean that some trips will be split into shorter journeys that require more frequent changes and will, despite the Hoppa fare, disproportionately impact the most vulnerable, disabled, parents with children and elderly people. These groups will find it difficult to change buses to complete their journeys. Disabled and older people, plus those carrying children, are also in greater need of seats than other passengers. The reduction in capacity may mean these groups will need to stand and wait at stops for longer periods of time.

The proposed changes will of course mean a reduction in total bus frequency along the King’s Road that would reduce the service by seven and a half buses per hour from 37 buses an hour to 29.5 buses an hour (routes 11 and 19 would be cut altogether). In Beaufort Street there will be a reduction from four routes to three, from 31 buses an hour to 24. Residents using the stops in Beaufort Street would also lose their connection to Knightsbridge and the West End.

The change with the greatest impact would be the removal of the number 19 bus service. For many, the bus is the only form of public transport open to them. 

If TfL and the Mayor of London go ahead with these proposals, the changes could be introduced by early 2019. I hope the Mayor of London will listen to our concerns and those of our residents. 

To have your say on these proposals visit https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/central-london/ before the six-week consultation closes on Friday, November 9.

Kensington and Chelsea Council Lead Member for Streets, Planning and Transport, Cllr Will Pascall.