Clear Air Champions needed to urge motorists not to be fuelish

22 February 2018

Volunteer Clean Air Champions are needed to pitch up at Portobello Road Vintage Market on Friday 2 March and spread the message that motorists that leave their engines idling while stationary are ‘fuelish’.

The event is part of a London wide campaign to help reduce air pollution incidents by tackling the problem of vehicle engines being left idling. The Clean Air Champions will talk to business owners to make them aware of importance of delivery drivers not leaving engines idling and to ask drivers of idling vehicles to switch off.

Researchers at King’s College London estimate there are nearly 10,000 early deaths every year in the Capital attributed to poor air quality. Young children are particularly vulnerable and it is thought that pollution could be responsible for between 15 to 30 per cent of news cases of childhood asthma.

Cllr Gerard Hargreaves, Lead Member for Planning and Transport, said: “If you live or work near Portobello Market and can spare a few hours to become a Clean Air Champion please sign up with Idling Action and help raise awareness about idling engines and how air pollution impacts on our health.”

The Clean Air Champions will be trained by the project coordinators and supported by Council officers. The event will run from 11am to 1pm.

For more information email or sign up at