New year, new car club

08 January 2018

Kensington and Chelsea residents have more choice in getting from A to B and back again as a new car club has begun operating in the borough.

Ubeeqo is joining existing providers Zipcar and Enterprise in providing a round trip car club in the borough.

Car clubs offer members ‘pay as you go’ driving, where a car is booked online or over the phone and returned to the same parking bay.

Cllr Gerard Hargreaves, Kensington and Chelsea Lead Member for Transport, said: “Fewer than half of households within the borough own a car, which means having a range of car club services is important to ensure residents can access a car, should they need one.

“Some residents may even be considering a new year’s resolution of going car-less. Having more car club options will make it easier for residents to book a car on demand, lessening the need to own one.

“Car clubs also have wider benefits for the borough by reducing on-street parking pressure, reducing traffic and consequently improving air quality.

“The Council welcomes the introduction of a third operator as it will help provide a more complete network and greater choice for residents.”

Surveys carried out over the past decade have shown that car clubs free up parking space. The convenience of booking a car close to home and having a ‘pay as you go’ service, means that many car club members sell their car or defer buying one.

Evidence also suggests that when people join a car club their overall car use decreases while they use alternative modes such as walking, cycling and public transport, helping to reduce traffic and improve air quality.

There are now 210 car club vehicles available across the borough. Their locations have been selected to provide a good network across the borough while avoiding clusters of car club bays.

More information about car clubs in the borough, including a map of every car and van location, can be found on the Council’s website