Residents have their say on housing policy to give them more choice

07 December 2018

Residents have been giving us their views on the draft Local Lettings Policy aimed at helping those residents living on the Lancaster West Estate and in Bramley House move to a more suitable home, should they wish.

We recognise that many residents have remained in their homes following the Grenfell tragedy. Some of these residents now wish to move home as they are either overcrowded and need a larger property, need a more accessible home or are currently living in a temporary home provided by the Council and would like to move to a permanent home in the area.

There are homes on the estate that have been vacated by other residents who have left the area.

This draft policy proposes that homes on the Lancaster West Estate and in Bramley House that are empty and available, will be offered first to existing residents of the estate and Bramley House who need to move to a more suitable home but want to stay in the area.

Various workshops were held with residents earlier in the year to help produce the draft policy and the Council followed this up by sending copies of the survey to all of those residents who would be eligible under the policy. We also hosted an online survey and consulted with residents on our Housing Register.

The consultation on the draft policy ran for four weeks and the Council received over 70 submissions from residents.

The consultation feedback is now being considered and a final report will be discussed by the Council’s Leadership Team on Wednesday 9 January 2019. The recommended policy will be published alongside the report highlighting the results of the consultation on the Grenfell Support website and the Council’s website.

If agreed, the policy could be implemented early in the new year. Any properties not let through the Local Lettings Policy will be advertised to those residents on the wider Housing register.

Vacant homes will be prioritised on a separate section on the Council’s Home Connections website. We’ll also produce paper copies of adverts for the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Office.