Schools in Kensington and Chelsea celebrate GCSE success

25 August 2017

Schools in Kensington and Chelsea celebrated GCSE success yesterday (Thursday 24 August).

This year has seen further reforms to the examination system which means English and mathematics results are now graded between 1 and 9 (with grades 8/9 being the highest) and the rest of subjects remain graded A* to G.

Holland Park students maintained their excellent performance in English and mathematics from last year, with 80 per cent of students gaining five grades A* to C (or 9 to 4) including English and mathematics. The school also increased its percentage of students leaving with the English Baccalaureate (C or above in English, mathematics, science, history or geography and a language) with 68 per cent of students leaving with this - nearly three times last year's national average of 25 per cent. This was a six per cent increase on last year's results.

There was another fine performance from Chelsea Academy saw improved GCSE results for the third year in a row. In total, 71 per cent of Year 11 achieved a 4+ in English and maths as well as three other subjects over a C - up from 68 per cent last year. 22 students achieved all their GCSE grades at an A or 7 and above and 58 per cent of all the grades achieved were a B or above, with 30 per cent being at an A grade and above.

Students at Sion-Manning Catholic Girls’ School were celebrating their results with 79 per cent attaining a C or above in English and 69 per cent C or above in mathematics. There were also some significant improvements across subjects, with grades in religious education, languages and history being significantly above national averages.
Congratulations also go to St Thomas More Language College students with 87.2 per cent achieving Grade 4 (C grade equivalent) in English and 77.1 per cent in mathematics.

Cardinal Vaughan is, according to The Times, the top boys’ comprehensive in the country for GCSE and the top Catholic comprehensive at A-Level. Using the old measure, 86.7 per cent of pupils secured five or more A* to C grades including English and mathematics (at grade 4 or higher), compared to 87.4 per cent in 2016 and 82.4 per cent in 2015.

Councillor Emma Will, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Lead Member for Family Services and Education, said:

“Once again I’d like to congratulate our students and teaching staff for another set of amazing results.

“Clearly we have some exceptional individual performances to celebrate and I would also like to pay tribute to North Kensington students for the courage they have shown sitting exams after witnessing such devastation on their doorstep.

“Every school in the borough is being offered help and assistance for any teachers and pupils that may be traumatised. Counselling and mental health support, along with options for further education and career advice is also available with schools in North Kensington given priority.”

Additionally, each school has a link to an educational psychologist and mental health experts who are providing targeted support for young people. The Council is also fast-tracking mental health referrals from schools to remove the need for unnecessary paperwork.

The Council is working with exam bodies and schools to ensure that any pupils who took exams around the time of the fire have their grades looked at, reviewed and modified accordingly if necessary. Many applications for 'special consideration' were made by schools on behalf of their students during the GCSE and A-level examination period last term.