SmartWater comes to Kensington and Chelsea

23 March 2018

A burglary reduction pilot scheme has been launched in Kensington and Chelsea in a joint initiative between the Council and Metropolitan Police.

The MetTrace scheme has already saved over 100,000 police hours (worth nearly £4.4 million), at a time of tighter budgets this is of great help to the police.

The police have identified hotspots in two Kensington wards for the trial. The police will be knocking on the doors of every property in these wards in the coming weeks to offer a Met Trace kit.

MetTrace has been successfully launched across much of London and is the largest traceable liquid scheme in the world. Since its introduction in London in 2015, the areas with MetTrace have seen a reduction of 23.7 per cent in burglary, meaning 5,641 less offences.

The scheme will be reviewed after three months and the Council hopes if successful it can be rolled out to the rest of the borough in the coming year.

Welcoming the launch, Cllr Mary Weale, Lead Member for Communities at Kensington and Chelsea Council said: “We know that burglary can have a terrible impact on anyone unfortunate enough to experience it. I hope this scheme will see a significant reduction in burglary in the hotspots and that in due course the police will be able to offer Met Trace to all households in the borough."

Raffaele D'Orsi, Borough Commander, said: “I am really pleased that the introduction of MetTrace is commencing as a pilot in RBKC. This is a proven tactic that will assist in safeguarding the residents of the Borough and their homes.

“Evidence shows that 70 per cent of burglars arrested here do not reside on the borough, instead travel here from other London boroughs and further afield. This will send a strong message to such offenders.”

SmartWater has a 100 per cent conviction rate whenever used in a prosecution. It is almost invisible to the naked eye, the liquid glows yellowy-green under UV light and every bottle has a unique forensic signature.

It can be used to invisibly tag all of your valuable items, from watches and jewellery to laptops and mobile phones. Guaranteed to last at least five years, once SmartWater has been applied it's almost impossible to remove.

To get more information go to There is no cost to individuals who take part in the pilot.