Turn off your screen and tune in to play

01 August 2018

Children from the Notting Hill Venture Community Playground celebrated National Playday (Wednesday 1 August) by singing about play and urging youngsters to turn off their screens and get active as part of Kensington and Chelsea’s Unplug & Play summer challenge.

Health experts recommend that children are active for a least 60 minutes a day and limit their screen time to two hours. Unplug & Play has produced a booklet called ’25 ways to Unplug & Play!’ that challenges children to try and complete as many of the screen-free activities as they can and collect reward stickers from local play and leisure centres.

The campaign was launched by a massive party at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance to celebrate the end of the school term which was attended by over 800 children and parents.

Local songwriter Alexander D Great wrote the tune to promote the Summer campaign which was performed by schoolchildren accompanied by the Ebony Steel Band.

Unplug & Play is part of Kensington and Chelsea Council’s Go Golborne healthy lifestyle project. The ward is the eight most deprived ward out of London’s 628 wards and while levels of obesity in Kensington and Chelsea are generally lower that the rest of the Capital and England, children living in less affluent wards, such as Golborne, are over four times more likely to be above a healthy weight than their peers from affluent areas.
Four years ago the Council set up a community-based programme – Go Golborne – which focuses on supporting healthy eating and physical activity among children aged four to 16 years.

Faith groups, schools, community organisations are all actively involved in organising events and activities.

Kensington and Chelsea Council is making small grants available to encourage healthy lifestyles, for example giving a grant St Quintin’s Centre it could buy adapted bikes for children with disabilities and run cycle training courses.

The Unplug & Play booklet is available from local libraries and leisure centres or by emailing gogolborne@rbkc.gov.uk

Cllr David Lindsay, the Council’s Lead Member for Healthy Streets, said: “We know that too much screen time is bad for anyone’s health, especially children. Ungplug & Play is the latest strand in the Go Golborne campaign to encourage children and their families to be healthy, active and enjoy themselves and have fun. I hope lots of children will complete the 25 ways to Unplug & Play challenge.”

For more information go to www.rbkc.gov.uk/gogolborne