Your rubbish and recycling collections over the festive season

06 December 2017

There will be no rubbish or recycling collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. Normal service will resume on Tuesday 2 January 2018.

From Thursday 21 December until the New Year, rubbish and recycling collection arrangements will be as follows:

Recycling and rubbish normally collected on the following days        Will be collected on
Thursday 21 December                                                                               Thursday 21 December
Friday 22 December                                                                                     Friday 22 December
Monday 25 December                                                                                 Thursday 28 December
Tuesday 26 December                                                                                 Friday 29 December
Thursday 28 December                                                                               Thursday 28 December
Friday 29 December                                                                                    Friday 29 December
Monday 1 January                                                                                       Thursday 4 January
Tuesday 2 January                                                                                       Tuesday 2 January

The garden waste collection service will not be affected.

During the Christmas and New Year period the amount of rubbish produced per person in the Royal Borough increases and a lot of this can be recycled.

The following items can be placed in your clear recycling bag or your local recycling bank:

• old cards and wrapping paper as well as newspapers, magazines and junk mail
• glass bottles, jars, drinks cans and tins - please rinse clean
• plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays – e.g. water, shampoo, bubble bath, milk, bleach, detergent, washing-up liquid bottles, yoghurt pots and ready-meal trays.

Please remove the lids, rinse clean.  Empty aerosol cans, without the lids, can also be recycled.