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Here you will find back issues of the RBKC Direct newsletter - an initiative from the Council which aims to keep you up-to-date with the big stories in your Borough.

RBKC Direct Issue 23: October 2009RBKC Direct Issue 24: February 2010
Issue 24 of RBKC Direct looks at the budgeting for challenging times, Core strategy, Watchdog praises borough services, and Wornington Green. 

RBKC Direct Issue 23: October 2009RBKC Direct Issue 23: October 2009
Issue 23 of RBKC Direct looks at the proposed loyalty card scheme... 

RBKC Direct Issue 22: July 2009RBKC Direct Issue 22: July 2009
Welcome to issue 22 of RBKC direct. In this issue we look at the organisational changes... 

RBKC Direct Issue 21: April 2009RBKC Direct Issue 21: April 2009
Welcome to issue 21 of RBKC direct. This year the Council?s prudent financial... 

RBKC Direct Issue 20: January 2009RBKC Direct Issue 20: January 2009
Welcome to issue 20 of RBKC direct. In this issue we consider the serious financial... 

RBKC Direct Issue 19: September  2008RBKC Direct Issue 19: September 2008
Welcome to edition 19 of RBKC Direct. In this issue we look at how residents were mobilised... 

RBKC Direct Issue 18 : May 2008RBKC Direct Issue 18 : May 2008
Welcome to the 18th edition of RBKC Direct. In this issue we look at our new transport ... 

RBKC Direct Issue 17 : December 2007RBKC Direct Issue 17 : December 2007
Welcome to edition 17 of RBKC Direct. In this issue we cover plans to open a new secondary schoo. 

RBKC Direct Issue 16 : October 2007RBKC Direct Issue 16 : October 2007
In this issue you can find out about two new facilities for older people and the latest information on plans for a new tube line running underneath the borough from Chelsea to Hackney. 

RBKC Direct Issue 15 : July 2007RBKC Direct Issue 15 : July 2007
This issue covers parking reforms, Sloane Square, public health and the Chelsea Academy. 

RBKC Direct Issue 14 : April 2007RBKC Direct Issue 14 : April 2007
This issue covers: On the battle for planning powers, the Council's bid to save small shops, recent inspection results and council tax. 

RBKC Direct Issue 13 : December 2006RBKC Direct Issue 13 : December 2006
This issue looks at : Sloane Square, the Congestion Charge extension, Edenham Care Home and the chewing gum campaign. 

RBKC Direct Issue 12 : October 2006RBKC Direct Issue 12 : October 2006
In this issue we examine the problems the Primary Care Trust is having in living within its budget and we also explain what the Belvedere energy-from-waste plant will mean for waste management in the borough.  

RBKC Direct Issue 11 : July 2006RBKC Direct Issue 11 : July 2006
In this issue we explain how parking enforcement is there for the good of all and look at the impact of the new licensing laws. We also introduce the Council's new aims, known as the three Rs, and explain how you can make the borough bloom.  

RBKC Direct Issue 10 : March 2006RBKC Direct Issue 10 : March 2006
This issue looks at the new licencing laws as well as plans we have for developing Kensington and Chelsea. 

RBKC Direct Issue 09 : December 2005RBKC Direct Issue 09 : December 2005
Local Development Framework: Towards a Better City Life, A new dawn for London's cultural centre, Improving the Customer Experience. RBKC Direct survey. 

RBKC Direct Issue 08 : September 2005RBKC Direct Issue 08 : September 2005
Recent media attention has created a belief for many people that crime and antisocial behaviour are the norm but is this really the case in Kensington and Chelsea? 

RBKC Direct Issue 07: May 2005RBKC Direct Issue 07: May 2005
During the recent general election campaign debate has raged about the future of council tax and the National Health Service. These issues are also animating residents of Kensington and Chelsea. 

RBKC Direct Issue 06: February 2005RBKC Direct Issue 06: February 2005
Media headlines have created a fear for many people that crime is spiralling out of control. But behind the headlines, what is the reality for Kensington and Chelsea? 

RBKC Direct Issue 05: October 2004RBKC Direct Issue 05: October 2004
Kensington and Chelsea has a reputation for exceptional conservation of its heritage. 

RBKC Direct Issue 04: August 2004RBKC Direct Issue 04: August 2004
Issue 04 of RBKC Direct outlines why improving education in Kensington and Chelsea is a top priority. 

RBKC Direct Issue 03: May 2004RBKC Direct Issue 03: May 2004
Issue 03 of RBKC Direct takes an in-depth look at the way the Royal Borough has risen to this major challenge and describes the strategy and tactics that are being deployed to protect the community from crime. 

RBKC Direct Issue 02: February 2004RBKC Direct Issue 02: February 2004
Issue 02 of RBKC Direct looks in brief at new developments for the Congestion Charging Scheme, plus the latest news on the Chelsea-Hackney Line and Recycling in the borough. 

RBKC Direct Issue 01: October 2003RBKC Direct Issue 01: October 2003
An electronic publication that brings you the latest news about some of the Council's priorities and responsibilities. Issue one looks at Congestion Charging, the Chelsea-Hackney Line and Recycling. 

RBKC Direct

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