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Newsletter 02 | February 2004

Recycling Reviewed

Assorted empty drinks cans ready for recycling

In the last issue of RBKC Direct we reported on recycling in the borough and the imminent effect of the Landfill Tax. Here we look at the projected cost of landfill in the coming years.

Landfill costs set to rise

In 2004/05 the Landfill Tax will rise to £15 for every tonne. This means the Council will pay an extra £1 for every tonne of waste that ends up in a landfill site. Estimates are that the tax will cost an additional £55,000 during 2004/5. In 2005/06 the Landfill Tax is set to rise by a further £3 per tonne, leaving the Council facing an additional bill of £165,000. Beyond that the EU Landfill Directive means the tax could ultimately climb as high as £35 per tonne.

The solution is simple - recycle more waste, reduce it, or re-use it. If we fail to do this then the cost will ultimately be passed on in the form of a higher Council Tax.   

The example set by the residents of Redcliffe Square and Redcliffe Gardens is clearly the way forward.


… to Redcliffe Square and Redcliffe Gardens recyclers. The mini recycling site at the junction of Redcliffe Square/Redcliffe Gardens, SW10 is one of the best performing in the borough. Last year residents recycled approximately 50 tonnes at this site. We hope other residents can follow this excellent example.

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Over to you…

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