Catering Services

Information about catering services for Royal Borough venues.

The following organisations are the official catering services suppliers to all events that take place at the Kensington Conference and Events Centre and Chelsea Old Town Hall and The Orangery Gallery Holland Park. 

Catering companies marked with an * are recommended caterers for cafe style requirements at Exhibitions and Fairs. Please contact them individually for full details. 

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Applications to waive catering rights

  • Applications to waive catering rights may only be approved in accordance with the Council’s Terms and Conditions of Hire.
  • All successful applications will be subject to a waiver fee and damage deposit in accordance with the Councils current Scale of Charges.
  • The granting of a waiver is an agreement where you/ your organisation may undertake to utilise your own caterer. This is applicable only where our preferred caterers are unable to meet your dietary requirements. Applications must be made in writing and 8 weeks in advance of the event. 
Catering waiver form [PDF] (file size 104.13 KB)

Selected caterers for Kensington Conference and Events Centre and Chelsea Old Town Hall

The following organisations are the official catering services suppliers to all events that take place at the Kensington Conference and Events Centre.

Cooks and Partners

Type of Food: Bespoke menus to suit all tastes and occasions from Modern British and European to Indian, Middle Eastern and Oriental fusion.

Contact: Ryan Lister
Tel: 020 7731 5282
Fax: 020 7731 7957

Visit the Cooks and Partners website
Address: Studio 21, The Talina Centre, Bagley’s Lane, London SW6 2BW

De Ritz Catering

Type of Food: Mediterranean, Caribbean, Kosher, European

Contact: Steven DeRizzio
Tel: 020 8533 4167

Visit the De Ritz catering website
Address: Alpha Centre, 7-11 Minerva Road, London NW10 6HJ

Laguna Restaurant (S)

Type of Food Halal, Asian / Indian and Chinese

Contact: Sunil Lamba 
Tel: 020 8579 9992 
Fax: 020 8248 2477 

Visit the Laguna Restaurant website
Address: 63 North Acton Road, Park Royal, London NW10 6PJ

Lodge Catering

Type of Food: Modern British

Contact: Ann Woods
Tel: 020 8960 5794
Fax: 020 8964 8363

Visit the Lodge Catering website
Address: Unit 13, Mitre Bridge Industrial Estate, Mitre Way, London W10 6AU

Moving Venue Caterers

Type of Food: Modern British

Contact: Skye Thompson
Tel: 020 8691 6661
Fax: 020 8961 7114

Visit Moving Venue Caterers website 
Address: Unit 10, Deptford Trading Estate, Blackhorse Road, London SE8 5HY

Richmond Creative Event Catering and Design

Type of Food: Modern European, General, Vegetarian options, bespoke and themed menus on request

Contact: Mark Ager
Tel: 020 8567 9090
Fax: 020 8566 3698

Visit the Richmond Creative Event Catering and Design
Address: 17 Studley Grange Road, London W7 2LU

Sands Catering Group

Type of Food: General, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, European bespoke menus, bar services and chocolate fountains. Specialise in sandwiches and buffets.

Contact: Mark Williams
Tel: 020 7619 7788
Fax: 0870 997 7755

Visit the Sands Catering Group website
Address: 20 Tile Yard Road, London N7 9AH

Scott Harris Ltd*

Type of Food: Tailor-made to suit all tastes

Contact: Andy Scott
Tel: 020 7701 2132
Fax: 020 7252 6313

Visit Scott Harris Ltd website
Address: 324-325 Blucher Road, London SE5 0LU

Selected caterers for The Orangery Gallery Holland Park


Contact: Chloe Goreham, Sales and Business Development Manager
Tel: 020 8874 8032
Visit Bovingdons' website

Cooks and Partners

Contact: Ryan Lister, Events Manager
Tel: 020 7731 5282
Visit Cooks and Partners' website

Mustard Catering

Contact: James Hurworth, Managing Director
Tel: 020 3176 7770

Contact: Monika Peda, Event Project Manager
Tel: 020 3176 7070
Visit Mustard Catering's website

Party Ingredients

Contact: Lucinda Gladwin, Event Sales Manager
Tel: 020 7517 3500
Visit Party Ingredients' website