Exhibition Road

Exhibition Road - the future


South of Cromwell Road

In April 2010, when the new traffic layout settled down and the repaving work was well underway, we asked residents, businesses and other interested parties about how they wanted to see the area around South Kensington Station used in future. 

This is what they told us, and what we decided to do:


North of Cromwell Road

In October 2010 we asked residents, businesses and other interested parties how they wanted to see Exhibition Road, north of the Cromwell Road, used in the future. We asked what ambience the road should have during the day and in the evening, what people would like to see in the road and what they would not want to see.

The responses we received were less conclusive and more polarised than the responses to the first discussion about South Kensington.Some respondents wanted the road to feel fun, vibrant and buzzy but nearly the same number wanted it to feel quiet and peaceful. Some respondents would like to see events, exhibitions and markets; others wanted no activity on the road. See all responses here.

We considered all the responses and they helped us to develop proposals for the future use of Exhibition Road. 

See our plans for the future use of Exhibiton Road here.