InTransit Festival of Arts 2013

Routes of Kings and Punks

When: Saturday 20 July and Saturday 27 July

Where: Kings Road and surrounding streets

Tickets: Free and available to view at any time

Route of Kings and PunksStreet art miniaturist Ben Wilson, AKA Chewing Gum Man, creates trails of detailed paintings on discarded chewing gum that he finds on the pavement. In the Kings Road area, he will celebrate its colourful history, from the origins of its name as Charles II's private road to its status as the legendary  fashion hub. Eminent film director Carol Reed lived there while making The Third Man, while Sound Techniques hosted album sessions by Pink Floyd, The Who and many more, until 1976 when punk arrived.

The nature of the material Ben paints onto hold the images temporarily, at the same time drawing attention to the problem of this difficult to remove problem. His intention is to encourage people to dispose of litter more carefully with his ‘verbal statements against further pollution.’

How many have you spotted? If you can correctly identify the location of ten of Ben’s chewing gum paintings, you could win a £20 M&S Voucher.

Be the first person to email the location details of ten to subject Kings & Punks by Sunday 28 July. Go find them!

Fitzrovia Noir is a dynamic artist-led initiative, establishing the First Weekends program at Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust in 2012 and currently working on long term projects with cultural bodies in France, Luxembourg and Morocco, placing site specific artworks at sites undergoing transition.