Zero Hour Bus Tours

Zero Hour Bus Tours26 to 29 July 2011
N11 Bus Stop: World's End Estate (heading West) / Liverpool Street Station (heading East)

A journey through a ruined landscape. A journey through rubble and debris and things in dark corners best not thought about.

A series of interlinked audio pieces created by Forest Fringe artists for the N11 Night bus. 

Four artists = the award winning comedian Kim Noble; the co-creator of ‘Home Sweet Home’, Abigail Conway; the writer and artist Hannah Nicklin with Steve Kilpatrick; and Greg McLaren, the co-creator of Stoke Newington International Airport - each created a 30-minute audio journey for this route (two for the eastbound journey, and two westbound).

Producing Company: Forest Fringe was a surprise hit at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival and has been delighting audiences ever since.

Image Credit: © Forest Fringe