The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Sports Coaching Qualification Scheme: Interview with Senna Lawrence

1) How did you find out about the Coaching Qualification Scheme?

My PE teacher told me that I was able to do my Football Coaching Level 1 course through the school. Luckily, I was 16 already. She then introduced me to the Sports Development Team who booked me on the course.

2) What course(s) did you apply for?

I applied for the FA Football Level 1 course because I’ve always played football since I was very little and I thought that coaching was a whole new aspect on football that I was very keen to explore. After the sports development team helped me get a job with Chelsea Football Club, I gained more experience, and then applied for my FA Level 2 coaching course. This was again through the coaching scheme. After completing and passing both courses the opportunities that arose were amazing.

3) Was it easy to access the scheme? And, what was your experience of the sports development team?

It was very easy to access the scheme and all the people who helped me through, like Jeff, did so much work behind the scenes to make sure that everything went fine for me. If it wasn’t for the scheme I don’t know where I would be now in terms of a job.

4) Where did you do your volunteer placement?

I had to do 2-3 months of voluntary work at Holland Park, which I was very happy to do because I had to learn my trade and I knew that there was a possibility of a paid job at the end.

5) What opportunities have opened up for you since you gained your coaching qualification?

Since I’ve passed the two courses I have been doing various different types of coaching ranging from soccer schools and estate projects to team coaching and coaching abroad - which is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

6) Would you recommend the scheme to other young people?

I couldn’t recommend the scheme enough for young people because getting a job nowadays is going to be even more difficult due to the global financial issues and recession, so it will help so much to have some qualifications behind you to elevate your opportunities and boost your CV. The scheme did effectively change my life!