Who is it for?

DofE Awards programmes help young people aged 14 to 25.

What is it?

DofE Awards programmes help young people aged 14 to 25 to develop their confidence, self-reliance, increase their commitment to achieving set goals and aid their transition into becoming responsible adults. Participants will see new talents and skills develop and emotional maturity blossom whilst also building their fitness and initiative.

The balanced programme of activities develops the whole person – mind, body and soul, in an environment of social interaction and team working. Doing the DofE awards involves developing a personal programme of challenging activities allowing participants to gain unique experiences and rewards.

Both employers and educational establishments are aware of the outcomes to be gained from participating within the DofE awards and thus award holders become highly valued.

How do the DofE Awards work?



Types of Activities

(outside of normal school, college, university and work times and curriculum)

Length of time required to complete

(minimum 1 hour per week on each section)


Something which uses your time to benefit groups of people or individuals. This can include activities such as volunteering in a charity shop, peer mentoring or supporting other students within your school / college / youth club.

Bronze / age 14 plus

1 section for 6 months

2 sections for 3 months


Silver / age 15 plus

2 sections for 6 months

1 section for 3 months

Direct entrants are required to complete an additional 6 months for one of the longer sections


Gold / age 16 plus

2 section for 12 months

1 sections for 6 months

and a Residential Project

Direct entrants are required to complete an additional 6 months for one of the longer sections


Participants have up until their 25th Birthday to complete their full award


To learn or develop a skill that interests and benefits you. This can be learning a musical instrument, languages, photography, art, ITC, mechanics etc


To take part in a sport or physical activity that will help to keep you fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle i.e. dance classes, gym or any form of sports and fitness classes


To undertake a journey using own physical effort- walking, cycling, paddling or horse riding in a team and be self sufficient for the duration of your journey.

1.     Undertake a practice journey to acquire the necessary skills to complete the assessment journey- Navigation, camp craft first-aid, dealing with emergencies, team work and proficiency in mode of travel.

2.     Complete an assessment expedition that meets all 20 conditions of the DofE expedition.

3.     Deliver a presentation of your choosing.

All expeditions are to be delivered by qualified staff and assessed by a DofE accredited assessor. 

All participants are required to undertake a practice and assessment expeditions for each level.


Bronze- 2 days 1 night


Silver- 3 days 2 nights


Gold- 4 days 3 nights

In addition, Gold participants are required to complete a residential project

What’s it worth? DofE level equivalences

For completing each section you will receive a certificate. On completion of all sections you will gain the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

  • Bronze 
  • Silver 
  • Gold 

Where can I take part in this borough?

Youth provisions:




How to get started and gain my full DofE Awards

  • Decide what level you wish to do- Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • Complete the DofE registration form
  • Obtain your E-DofE login account or DofE record Book (£14 for Bronze & Silver Levels and £20 for Gold Level)

  • Activate your E-DofE account by logging in and filling in mandatory information
  • Find activities to do that will meet the section requirements
  • Undertake your activities for the correct duration (all activities must be a minimum of 1 hour per week)
  • Get a responsible adult to verify your activities (this can be a teacher, youth worker, coach or a professional)
  • Undertake your relevant practice and assessment expedition section
  • For Gold participants, complete a 5 day residential project
  • Once you have completed, get all your sections signed by a designated responsible adult
  • For E-DofE users this is done by request through the online system to your DofE leader within your organisation

  • For DofE Record Books return completed books with all sections signed and dated to the DofE Operating Authority where your award will be verified and processed

Who can I contact to find out more?

For details on where you can participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, contact the Accreditations Team.