Help with your studies

There are a number of study support groups as well as supplementary schools throughout the borough you might want to join.

Useful websites to help with homework, revision and coursework:

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Tips for keeping control of your homework

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  • understand what you are being asked to do, and don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or someone you trust to help explain if needed
  • have a quiet place to do your homework
  • do your homework as soon as you can and plan a regular time to get it done
  • check over your work once you’re done to make sure you’ve done everything



Golden rules for revision

  • keep the noise down. Find yourself a quiet place to work and take regular breaks to keep your mind fresh.
  • reminders. Write important points, facts and formulae on sheets of paper and stick them by your bed, in the bathroom, on the fridge - anywhere you’ll see them regularly so they will sink in.
  • test yourself. Sit down and test yourself with past exam papers and make sure you try them against the clock.
  • highlight. The first time you read something, highlight the most important points. Use different colours and symbols to help you remember the important facts.
  • break it down. Summarise or break down whole chapters and subjects onto cards or single sheets of A4.
  • plan it. No matter how clever you are, the odd hour slotted round the TV or sports practice isn’t enough. Before you start, draw up a revision plan and keep to it. Give each subject a decent amount of time.
  • record it. You could try recording important information. Some people find this helps them remember by using a computer, MP3 player or mobile phone to record their own words.