Who is it for?

Mostly aimed at young people aged between 14 and 19. Younger and older people can also get involved but the support network is much smaller.

What is Work Related Learning?

Work Related Learning is about you having the chance to learn and practice the skills you will need in the workplace. A lot of the learning will happen in school during lesson time. A number of the activities can take place outside of school.

There are a wide range of activities that help develop your knowledge and skills for work.

These include:

  • going on work experience
  • attending careers days
  • having a mock interview
  • creating enterprise activities with your peers
  • writing a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • mentoring
  • business challenges
  • learning presentation skills

These activities are usually based around areas you are studying or skills you will need in the workplace.

What are Enterprise Activities?

Enterprise activities can help you understand how business and the economy works. It is a chance for you to take part in creative and challenging tasks which will help develop skills for employment.

You could have the chance to take part in:

  • mini-enterprise days
  • Dragon’s Den (the young people’s version!)
  • an inter-school or youth centre challenge
  • community initiatives

How long does work-related learning or enterprise last?

This will depend on the activity being run and the individual’s or group’s needs. Activities can last from half an hour for classroom sessions to half a day for a group visit to a workplace or a few weeks on work experience. An enterprise activity can take from one-day to one-month to complete.

Where can I do work-related learning and enterprise?

Activities can be run in schools, colleges, community or youth centres as well as on business premises. It all depends on what you want to get out of the activity and what resources you need.

Find out more

If you would like to get involved and you are studying, talk to your course tutor or Connexions personal advisor. If you’re not in education, ask at your local youth centre or the Connexions Centre.