This section is all about your health and wellbeing

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Young people playing rugby in a parkSome drugs are legal, such as caffeine, alcohol or tobacco; others are illegal such as cannabis, cocaine or heroin. It is important that you know the facts and the law, so that you can make up your own mind.

Emotional health and wellbeing

Stress, depression, anxiety, bullying, self-harm and anger issues are tough, but can all be overcome if you know what you’re dealing with and where to go for help.  Plus, find out what to do and who to talk to if you, or someone you know, have been bereaved.


Being healthy is all about eating right, exercising, and not smoking. Find out where you can get advice on how to keep yourself in good shape.

Sexual health and relationships

How do I know if it’s love or just a crush? What is safe sex? Where can I go for confidential advice about relationships or if I’m not sure about my sexuality? You may have lots of questions, but it doesn’t have to be confusing when there are lots of places in the borough that can help you to sort through your feelings.

Youth and School Sports

There are a wide range of sport teams and sessions available in the borough. Find out how you can get involved and what you can do to help other young people who are looking to be involved in sport and improve their fitness.

Travel and transport

From getting on your bike to public transport to learning to drive or ride a motorbike, there are lots of different ways you can get around the borough – and plenty of discounts and courses for young people. Find out more.