This is a page for Kensington and Chelsea’s children and young people in care, and care leavers. This page was designed with the help of children and young people.


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Let’s keep it simple...

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1.   Are you Aged 18 – 25?

2.   Would you like to take part in a challenging weekend all about finding out more about YOU?

3.   Would you like some training in how to create the life of your dreams and ultimate SUCCESS?

4.   Would you like the opportunity to meet other young people who are also striving for excellence?

5.   Are you free on?

Friday 16th January 2015 between 5pm and 9pm


Saturday 17th January 2015 between 12pm and 6pm


Sunday 18th January 2015 between 2pm and 8pm


If the answer to 1 - 5 is YES, then the What If Weekend is for YOU!

The What If Academy provides personal development programmes and training for young people to live their dreams!

Contact Sarah for more details or 07866515522 the way, IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!

The Future Union

Got something to say about how social services work?! Want to make a difference for all children and young people?? Then come along to The Future Union meeting.


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Reports and updates

Independent Reviewing Officers -  Report for Children and Young People


The original report was written by the manager of the Independent Reviewing Officers and this is done once a year. The manager looks at the way the IROs work and writes up what they have found out. If the IROs are not doing something the way it should be done, the manager can use the report to show them which parts of their job they are getting right and which bits they can improve on – just like when you get a school report.

This report covers April 1 2012 – March 31 2013.

Our promise to you

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We're making changes to the pledge!

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our promises to you, please email:

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have made several promises to children and young people in care and this leaflet will tell you what they are:


If you think we are not keeping our promise, let us know by telling our advocacy officer using the form below.

Living in foster care

Foster carers and foster families are trained to look after children and young people that can’t live with their family. All foster carers are different and come from all different backgrounds – black, white or mixed families. You might live with a single carer, a married couple or they may have children of their own. Many young people who have left care are still in touch with their foster carers and many consider their foster carer's children to be additional brothers and sisters.

It is a foster carer’s job to look after you and keep you safe in a warm, clean house. They will make you feel like a part of their family for as long as you live with them.

My rights and the law

The guide is about what things the law says councils in England must do for children and young people who are looked after by them, often called being in care. It explains the rules about making decisions about where you live, planning your care and goes right through to what support you can expect when leaving care. Some of these rules already exist but they are different places. They have been put together to make sure they are up to date and to make them better.

What’s wrong? Let us know

Sad child

If you are unhappy about a decision made about your care, or feel that someone isn’t doing what they said they would, let us know and we can try to help. Our advocacy officer works with children and young people to speak up for them and support them in getting improvements to their lives.

Also, if you have any other comments or questions to answer, please see below.

Just fill in the details below and our Advocacy Officer will contact you within two working days.



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Work experience

If you are unable to get paid work, then why not think about volunteering? You will gain new skills and experiences, meet new people and make friends, and have a valuable addition for your CV. Visit the Volunteer Centre (Kensington and Chelsea) to find out about volunteering opportunities in the borough, or visit vinspired for opportunities near you..

Read more about education and training.

Virtual School

Virtual School logoThe Virtual School gives educational support to all children in the care of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It supports children in care with information, advice and resources: funding, careers, learning resources, activities and events. Users need a password, which you can get from the Virtual School (details on the home page of the website).