Our torchbearers

Many of those carrying the flame in the Royal Borough are listed on the London 2012 website.  

They include:

  • Mr A Akay
  • Thomas Bach
  • Richard Blake
  • Ophelia English
  • Arjun Fasge
  • Bob Groves
  • Sophie Hirsch
  • Hanna Johansson
  • John Lake
  • Bob Mayo
  • Tabitha-skye Mcduffus
  • Aditya Mittal
  • Lakshmi Mittal
  • Ser Miang Ng
  • Mary Payne
  • Ser Miang Ng
  • Mary Payne
  • Jian Liu
  • Anna Collier
  • Georgie Moseley
  • Racquel Robinson
  • Tom Aikens










Some of our torchbearers' stories


Olympic torchbearer Ophelia EnglishOphelia English

Ophelia English, 28, is a nurse for the Royal Brompton Hospital and has lived in the borough for the last four years.  Ophelia was nominated for her repeated relief agencies work with Merlin and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Haiti following the earthquake and in the Sahel desert in Chad.  For her, running with the torch signifies the recognition of the on-going life saving work that other aid workers are currently doing, often in extreme conditions.




Olympic torchbearer John LakeJohn Lake

John Lake, 34, was nominated to carry the Olympic torch in Kensington and Chelsea by his mother.  After surviving a brain tumour, John raised £20,000 for the Brain Research Trust by running the London Marathon and then taking part in the UK Ironman triathlon.  John Lake has a personal connection to the Games as his late uncle was an Olympian at the 1952 Games.  For John, carrying the torch offers a chance to be part of the Olympic magic and to honour his late uncle.



Olympic torchbearer Isola AkayIsola Akay

Isola Akay, 77, was nominated as a torch bearer for his services in running his boxing club All Stars Boxing & Youth Club, which he founded in 1974.  When asked about carrying the torch he said it is “a great honour and I am so delighted to be involved in the greatest sports event to be held here in London, the 2012 Olympics”. Asides from taking part in the Olympic torch relay, Isola is looking forward to watching the boxing finals for which he has tickets, plus watching the athletics on television.

Isola already has a history with the Games, as his son Tee Jay Akay is a former British Cruiserweight Boxing Champion and represented Ghana in the 1984 Games.  Also, one of his boxing club members represented Jamaica in the 1992 Barcelona Games.



Olympic torchbearer Mary Payne

Mary Payne

Mary Payne, 60, is the CEO of UcanDoIt, a charity that trains Blind, Deaf and physically disabled people in their own homes.  Mary was nominated to be a torch bearer by her daughter, as she felt that since her mother had suffer sight loss and became registered visually impaired 10 years ago, she has been an inspiration for the whole family.  Alongside her role at UcanDoIt, Mary Payne has also been involved with the Abbey Community Centre for the past six years.

Mary feels that it is such an honour to be carrying the Olympic torch and that she will be representing all those invisible heroes caring for relatives or involved in volunteering.



Olympic torchbearer Hanna JohanssonHanna Johansson

Hanna Johansson, 23, is a student at the London College of Fashion.  Hanna says that being a torch bearer will be such a unique experience and that it will be a memory she will carry with her for the rest of her life.  Her plan when carrying the torch is “just to hold on to it tight and to run with it held high”. Aside from being a torch bearer, Hanna is looking forward to the energy and the atmosphere that the games will bring to the city.




Olympic torchbearer Thomas Bach

Thomas Bach

Unlike many other torch bearers, Thomas Bach is an Olympic champion (Fencing 1976).  He is also the IOC Vice President.  Thomas Bach described carrying the Olympic torch as a feeling that comes close to being awarded an Olympic Gold medal.  Mr Bach says that while carrying the torch, he will enjoy every step of the way and treasure every moment.