De Morgan's Victoria Dolorosa

de Morgan’s
Victoria Dolorosa

Mary Evelyn de Morgan

Dates: 1855 - 1919

Profession: Art

Address: 127 Old Church Street, SW3

Dates at address: 1910 - 1919

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Evelyn de Morgan, nee Mary Pickering, was born and raised in London. A natural artist she was encouraged by her uncle John Spencer-Stanhope and trained at Slade School of Fine Arts. Inspired by Italian Renaissance art she visited Italy many times for inspiration. She married potter William de Morgan in 1887.

Her first painting was exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery in 1877, soon after her return from Italy. After marrying she became involved in the Pre-Raphaelite movement, taking Burne-Jones as a particular inspiration. Indeed, their work was so similar that her Aurora Triumphans was mistaken for his. Later inspirations included the Second South African War and World War I. As a pacifist she painted many powerful anti-war images, including her Red Cross in which Jesus and a host of angels hover above a field of memorial crosses. Her solo exhibitions proved popular throughout her life.

Joining her husband William, a long-term Chelsea resident, at Chelsea Vale in 1847 the couple stayed in the borough for the rest of their lives. They moved to Old Church Street in 1910 and she died here in 1919, two years after William.

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