Terms and Conditions

RBKC Ecology Service Nature Photography Competition 2019

Sponsored by Wildcare Ecology Supplies

Terms and Conditions


  • The Competition is open to residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).
  • The Competition will close for entries at midnight on Friday 25 October 2019. 
  • The Competition is open to amateur photographers.
  • There are 3 age groups: two Junior Competitions, ages 12-17 and under 12, and an Adult Competition, ages 18 and over.
  • The Adult competition has three categories:

1. Plants and Fungi: In this category we are looking for entries that reveal the beauty of the wild plants or fungi that live in the parks and green spaces of the Royal Borough. Photographs in this category could also make use of the structural and textural qualities of these living things to create more abstract images.

2. Animals: A huge range of wild animals make their home in the Royal Borough, from tiny insects to larger mammals such as foxes. Here we are looking for photos which capture a moment in the life of these animals, showing their behaviour or portray them in their habitat.

3. Urban Wildlife: In this category we would like to see entries that show nature thriving in the built environment, or surprising examples of wildlife co-existing with people.

  • There are no categories of entry for the junior competitions.
  • There is a limit of one entry per category, per person.
  • RBKC Ecology Service accepts no liability or responsibility for entries lost, delayed or undelivered, nor any liability for technical errors or communication failures in networks and/or internet access.
  • The Ecology Service and the Judging Panel are responsible for the selection of shortlisted entries and all winning entries thereafter.
  • The Adult Competition will be judged in two rounds: the shortlisting of five entries per category by the Ecology Team and the Judging Panel will select one winner and one runner up per category.
  • The Junior Competition will be judged in two rounds: the shortlisting of five entries per age group by the Ecology Team and the Judging Team will select the two Junior Competition winners.
  • The overall Ecology Service Nature Photography Competition Winner will be selected from the three Adult Competition Category winners and the two Junior Competition winners.
  • The judges will consider a number of factors, including composition, originality and public appeal. The overall competition winner will be one which the Judges believe is the most compelling representation of wildlife in the Royal Borough.
  • Winner and runner up entries will be notified, by email, before the end of November 2019.
  • Winners and runners up will be displayed online and exhibited for the public – the exhibition site and dates are as yet to be determined.
  • There will be no notification for entries that are not shortlisted.
  • In all cases, the Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Adult Competition Category winners will each receive a £50 Wildcare gift voucher
  • The Junior Competition winners will receive a Wildcare nest box with a camera for the child’s school, plus a nest box for the child.
  • The overall Ecology Service Nature Photography Competition Winner will receive a further prize of wildlife viewing equipment from Wildcare to the value of approximately £100.
  • There is no cash alternative.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, RBKC Ecology Service reserves the right to provide alternative prizes.
  • No further details on the prize winners will be available other than what is made public during the competition.
  • Prize winners may be required to take part in related publicity and such participation is a condition of accepting a prize.

File & Image Specifications

  • Photographs must be of wildlife within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – on land, in the air or within the aquatic environment.
  • The Participant’s first and last name must clearly form part of the file name. An example would be ‘JOHN_SMITH_PICTURENAME’. RBKC Ecology Service reserves the right to exclude entries where this is not included.
  • Only still images will be accepted.
  • Both colour and black & white photographs are acceptable.
  • Photographs must be uploaded in JPEG format only.
  • Each photograph must be no larger than 10MB.
  • The resolution of the image must be high enough to enable an A1 sized print to be produced. This would typically be no less than 3000 pixels on the longest side. Judges will have the right to exclude images where they believe that the resolution is too low.
  • The following image adjustments in a digital editing suite are permitted:
  • Cleaning of the image such the removal of dust spots and sensor spots.
  • Adjustments of contrast, brightness and tonal values.
  • Adjustment of colour balance and saturation.
  • Sharpening of image and adjusting white balance and noise.
  • The following image adjustments are not permitted:
  • Physical changes to the original scene such as the removal of objects, e.g. trees, plants, people etc.
  • Nothing can be added to the image from another picture such as sandwich shots, collages or any other form of composite picture building.
  • Judges will have the right to exclude images that they believe have been excessively treated to alter their authenticity.
  • Photographs must be originals. Scans of printed photographs, transparencies or negatives are not permitted.
  • Any entry that cannot be authenticated or is not of an acceptable quality will be disqualified.

Intellectual Property

  • All personal data and images received as part of the competition will be securely held and used for the purpose of the competition exhibition and publicity in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. Personal data and images will be removed and deleted from the system following completion of the competition other than as set out below. Entrants may request details of all personal information held about them by RBKC Ecology Service by contacting ecology.centre@rbkc.gov.uk
  • RBKC Ecology Service will collect personal data about entrants at the time of registration, through completion of the entry form, in order to administer the competition and/ or all associated activities.
  • Each entry must be the original work of the participant and must not infringe the rights of any other party.
  • In the event that the participant is not the sole copyright owner of the entry(s), the participant must notify RBKC Ecology Service at the point of submission, providing the names of all copyright owners.
  • Ownership of the copyright in any entry submitted to the competition will remain with the copyright owner(s). The participant will be credited (e.g. © participant’s name). The participant agrees that RBKC Ecology Service will not be liable to the photographer in the event of inadvertent omission of the credit.
  • Proof of electronic submission is not proof of receipt by RBKC Ecology Service.
  • By entering the competition, the participant grants RBKC Ecology Service a non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to reproduce, publish and exhibit to the public by any means and in all media throughout the world, directly and indirectly in relation to The Competition and Exhibition. This licence is granted only for use in relation to the competition, exhibition and award ceremony/event, which shall include (with right to sub-licence where necessary) any of the following uses:
  • On the RBKC Ecology Service website;
  • Judging the competition;
  • Display in a public space in the Royal Borough (exhibition space yet to be determined);
  • In publicity materials (including social media);
  • Publication in other magazines, electronic or print media which RBKC Ecology Service (and/or official partners, supporters or sponsors) may produce;
  • Collective publication for souvenir documentation to be distributed free of charge as part of the competition, exhibition or related events.
  • RBKC Ecology Service cannot accept liability for any loss of or damage to any entry submitted into the competition howsoever caused or for any other loss or damage as a result.
  • RBKC Ecology Service reserves the right at its sole discretion to share any picture taken in relation to activities associated with the Nature Photography Competition such as: workshops and/ or an awards ceremony for a third party, unless against GDPR 2018 regulations.
  • RBKC Ecology Service cannot accept liability for the misuse of images and/or failure of any third party to comply with the competition’s copyright guidelines.

Ethics, Health & Safety

  • Entries from Family Members (exclusively defined as parents, step-parents, children, step-children, siblings and step-siblings) of the Judging Panel, Ecology Team and Sponsor cannot be considered for shortlisting.
  • Participants aged 15 and under must seek consent from a parent / guardian before entering the competition. RBKC Ecology Service may request details of the parent / guardian to confirm consent prior to shortlisting, and reserves the right to exclude entries where this is not given.
  • The participant must not do anything to cause injury or distress any animals or destroy their habitat. If the judges suspect that an entry has been achieved through cruel or unethical practices, including the use of live bait, the entry will be disqualified and RBKC Ecology Service reserves the right to report the participant to the relevant authorities.
  • Images of captive species or house pets are not permitted.
  • In submitting their entries, participants are reminded:
    • Entries must not deceive the viewer or attempt to disguise and/or misrepresent the reality of nature;
    • Information supplied in the entry form must be complete, true and accurate.
    • The participant is responsible for ensuring full compliance with any applicable national or international legislation and for securing any relevant permits that may be required
    • The participant is also responsible for requesting the permission of any person(s) captured in the entry.
    • To the fullest extent permitted by law, RBKC Ecology Service will not accept any liability for any loss or damage suffered by the participant in relation to the competition or the use of any prize.