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Help name Kensington and Chelsea's new school
for children with autism and learning difficulties  

Kensington and Chelsea's first dedicated school for children with autism and learning difficulties will open in North Kensington, next to Barlby Primary School, in autumn 2021 - and you can have your say on its name. Choose your favourite from the shortlist of five below before voting closes on 12 July 2020.

The shortlist

The Beacon School
Reflecting the hopes of parents of pre-school children for their future

Lady Allen
Lady Marjory Allen was a landscape architect who introduced the first adventure playground and influenced the Children Act 1948.  She died in 1976.

North Kensington School
This suggestion came from a pupil of a school for children with special educational needs in a neighbouring area.

Len Garrison School
A pupil from a special school suggested the new school should be named after a person from history. Lenford Garrison was an educationalist who came to the UK during Windrush and attended a school in Chelsea. He died in 2003.

Kensington Queensmill
Families have welcomed the involvement of Queensmill School as a sponsor of the new school and suggested including the name to emphasise the close links.

Your views

Q1 What would you like to see the new dedicated special school called?  

About you

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