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Draft Kensington and Chelsea Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy                                    

We want to hear your feedback on our draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy. Please complete the form below by 28 June 2020 to give us your views.

Your Views

Our draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy sets out ten key priorities across four broad areas:

Preventing residents from becoming homeless and assisting them when they have become homeless
1. Giving residents the power and ability to solve problems by refreshing and personalising the advice and information we provide when people may be facing homelessness.
2. Make sure we have the right solutions and ensure we are maximising all pathways into appropriate and settled accommodation.

Providing suitable accommodation for homeless households
3. Improve our procurement and provision of high quality temporary accommodation for homeless households.
4. Ensure a range of suitable settled accommodation, and support, is available for homeless households that we have a housing duty towards when homelessness cannot be prevented.

Reducing and working towards the elimination of rough sleeping
5. Prevent residents from rough sleeping in the first place.
6. Helping residents that are sleeping on the streets for the first time off the streets for good.
7. Supporting entrenched rough sleepers off the streets for the long term.

Working with partners to prevent homelessness earlier
8. Look at wider causes of homelessness in the borough and develop solutions through early identification and intervention.
9. Make our housing services more visible and accessible to all residents, and better communicate what we can and can't offer.
10. Work with partners and other housing providers to develop more effective interventions and solutions to homelessness through earlier identification and intervention.

Q1 Are these the right priorities for the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy to focus on?

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Q5 Are you a Kensington and Chelsea resident?
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Q7 Are you on the Council's housing register?
Q8 Have you ever been homeless yourself? If so, what is your experience of homelessness? (tick as many as apply to you)

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