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Draft Kensington and Chelsea Housing Strategy                                        

We want to hear your feedback on our draft Housing Strategy. Please complete the form below by 29 September 2019 to give us your views.

Your Views

Our draft Housing Strategy sets out six key priorities for our work over the next four years:

1. Supporting Grenfell survivors
2. Improving the safety, quality and security of housing
3. Increasing the supply of genuinely affordable housing
4. Putting residents at the heart of housing services
5. Supporting vulnerable residents
6. Tackling and preventing homelessness

Q1 Are these the right priorities for the Housing Strategy to focus on?

About you

Q4 Are you a Kensington and Chelsea resident?
Q6 What is your housing status?
Q7 Are you on the Council's housing register?
Q8 Your sex...?
Q9 What age are you?
Q10 Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
Q11 Which ethnic group do you consider you belong to?
Q12 What is your religion or belief?

Using your personal information
The information you have provided to the Consultation Team and Housing Department will only be used to understand respondents’ views on The Housing Strategy. Your information will only be used for the intended purpose, we will not collect any additional information about yourself, we will not share your data with other Council Departments and or external bodies. If we intend to use your information for any other purpose, we will normally ask you first. In some cases, the Council may use your information for another purpose if it has a legal duty to do so, to provide a complete service to you, or if there is a risk of serious harm or threat to life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Council will retain your information in accordance with our retention schedule and it will be held securely. If you have any questions regarding your Data Protection rights, such as accessing your personal information, etc. or if you have a concern over the handling of your information. You can email consult@rbkc.gov.uk

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