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New Homes Delivery Programme - Edenham
First Consultation Event Feedback Form  

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this first round of consultation on the Edenham project. If you haven't had the opportunity to look through the presentation about the proposals, we encourage you to do so before completing this feedback form. Copies of the presentation video and accompanying slides are available on the New Homes page of the Council website at www.rbkc.gov.uk/new-homes <https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/new-homes>

We want to understand what is important to you about the area surrounding the site and what aspirations are for the potential uses and improvements that could be provided. This feedback form gives you the opportunity to provide comments which will help us to develop a detailed design for the site which we will come and talk to you about at future consultation events.

Please complete this form by Thursday 3 December 2020. If you are having difficulties accessing the material or require the information in another format (e.g. information in an alternative language) please email NewHomesEnquiries@rbkc.gov.uk  or telephone 07739 313 539 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Your views

Q1 The Council has committed to provide 600 new homes (including 300 affordable homes) in the borough as part of a New Homes Delivery Programme.

Do you support the principle of providing new homes (including affordable homes) on the Edenham site in the Cheltenham Estate to help in meeting this target?
Q3 What do you consider to be areas that could be improved on the site at present? (Please tick any that you think are relevant)
Q4 What features would you most want to see in any proposals for the site? (Please tick all that apply)
Q5 What type of public space would you be most likely to use? (Please select one answer only)
Q6 What size homes would you most like to see on site? (Please tick all that apply)

The consultation exercise

Q11 How did you find out about the consultation? (Please tick all that apply)
Q12 Do you feel that the presentation informed you how you can provide your thoughts and input as part of this process?

Staying in touch

If you would like the Council to keep you informed about future events for Edenham or other new homes proposals, please tick the box below and provide your contact details.
Q13 Would you like to be contacted about future events or other news homes proposals?
Q14 Your contact details (please only complete if you have answered 'Yes' above to give us consent to contact you)

About you

Q15 Are you a...
Q16 What sex are you?
Q17 Which age group do you belong to?
Q18 How do you describe your ethnic origin?
Q19 Do you have any long-term illness, health problems or disability which limits your daily activities?

Using your personal information
The information you have provided to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's New Homes Team and Consultation Team will only be used to understand respondents’ views on the New Homes Programme.  Where you have provided contact information, and given your consent, this will only be used to contact you about the New Homes Programme of future events.                                                                                  

Your information will only be used for the intended purpose, we will not collect any additional information about yourself, we will not share your data with other Council Departments and or external bodies. If we intend to use your information for any other purpose, we will normally ask you first. In some cases, the Council may use your information for another purpose if it has a legal duty to do so, to provide a complete service to you, or if there is a risk of serious harm or threat to life.                                                                                                                              

The Council will retain your information in accordance with our retention schedule and it will be held securely. If you have any questions regarding your Data Protection rights, such as accessing your personal information, etc. or if you have a concern over the handling of your information, you can email consult@rbkc.gov.uk

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