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HLTA training

Although central funding is no longer available, Teaching Assistants interested in attaining the Higher Level Teaching Assistant status can do so independently if they are able to secure funding for the cost of training and assessment. The training cost will vary depending on the route taken, but the cost of assessment is £450 per student.

In order to gain status, TAs must collect evidence against the 33 HLTA standards and undergo a ½ day assessment in school. The entry requirements are a Level 2 qualification (or higher) in Literacy and Numeracy and, as the intensity of training routes have been reduced in light of the change in funding, it is important that you are confidently achieving some or all of the standards in your current role.

Self assessment will help to identify any gaps in knowledge or practice and help you choose the most appropriate training route; you’ll find a self assessment tool below - It is highly recommended that you work through this with a colleague or your line manager.


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Level 2 and 3 Support Staff Qualifications

Vocational and work-related qualifications are changing to become more responsive to the demands of employers and learners. At the heart of a major reform of the vocational qualifications system is the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which will see a change to the qualifications available to support staff in the school workforce.

 To find out more about the QCF qualifications visit the Qualifications and Credit framework section of the DfE website