Exile of the African Warrior

Exile of The African Warrior – Created by Bimbi Philips

Venue: Kensington Conference and Events Centre

Date: Saturday 29th June 2019

Opening times: 18:00

Entrance fee: £55

This production takes you on a spectacular visual and musical journey depicting the life (Urban legend) of Odùduwà  a Yoruba Diety, considered to be the birth father to the Yoruba tribe, years before he assumed that title.

This  story is brought to life through the vocal chords and ancestral inspired melody of Bimbi Philips music, a perfect blend of visual and musical representation formed into a masterpiece. This production is centered around the àjọyọ Festival and focuses on the tale of how an exiled African Warrior became a LEGEND!

Event website: www.bimbi.live