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What is available at the library?

Blue Plaque for Lord LeightonThis section was put together using materials held in the Local Studies Department. As well as books and original materials on the locality and residents, cuttings and illustrations have been collected on the blue plaque houses and their residents. Indeed, English Heritage researchers use these resources to prepare their cases. Biography is one of the main specialties at the Central Library with some 90,000 volumes stocked. Materials even on the most obscure recipients are found in this marvelous resource. The contact details for the library can be found at

Who else can help?

If you need to look for extra information away from the library we recommend the following groups who offered their assistance during the making of this section.

  • English Heritage at In charge of the blue plaque project. Their site offers the full list of blue plaque addresses plus information on the scheme's history and application procedure.
  • The Church Army at who generously allowed us to use the photograph of their founder, Prebendary Wilson Carlile. See their site for more information on Carlile, their history and what they do now.

Further reading

You may find these titles useful:

  • The Blue Plaques of London by L M Palis
  • London Blue Plaque Guide by Nick Rennison
  • Track the Plaque by Derek Sumaray

For books on blue plaques available from the Libraries contact Kensington and Chelsea Libraries or search online at:

Other websites

For other sites that offer information on blue plaques or on any of the people mentioned you might like to try the websites listed above. We stress that these are all external sites with no connection to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and as such the Royal Borough can take no responsibility for any views expressed.

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