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Over the course of a millennium local democracy has evolved from ownership by the Lord of the Manor to an elected council representing its constituents. The Council has responsibility for many aspects of our daily lives from refuse collection to education to provision of leisure services. One aspect has not changed - local taxes have always been collected but now are used for the benefit of all residents including the less fortunate. Today The Royal Borough has 18 wards, 54 elected Councillors and employs 4,200 people.

Some 179,000 people live in the borough, but thousands more come here each day to work or visit and around 30,000 visitors stay each night. There is an extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity; nearly half of the residents were born outside the UK coming from 90 countries and speaking over 100 different languages. It is the smallest borough in London but has the highest residential density. Although known as one of the wealthiest areas in the country a few wards are still considered to be within the ten per cent most deprived wards in England.

This makes Kensington and Chelsea a vibrant and exciting place but also a challenging one for the Council and its dedicated team of Councillors and staff.


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The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Coat of Arms
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