Barkston Gardens in 2006 - 21st Century

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Photograph of Barkston Gardens today looking east from Earls Court Road

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Barkston Gardens in 2006 - 21st Century

Barkston Gardens today is full of hotels, hostels and flats. Originally the large houses were built as luxury town residences. They were constructed in terracotta with extensive ornate ironwork balconies with a private communal garden. Despite this they were slow to sell.

The large houses were soon converted into service apartments and hotels. A trend which accelerated after WWI. By the 1960s Earl's Court became the most popular destination for young people arriving in London. There was an abundance of cheap bed-sits. Australians, in particular, were drawn here and it became known as Kangaroo Valley. This was not the intention the original developers of these elegant Queen Ann style houses as the next screen will show.

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