Kensington High Street in 1929 - 20th Century

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Postcard of Kensington High Street showing the station and department stores

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Kensington High Street in 1929 - 20th Century

The same bustling scene but 70 years earlier. This was the heyday for the department stores as the ultimate shopping experience. Among the cars and buses a man riding a horse can be seen outside Derry and Toms.

Huge crowds came to the sales with special trains into Victoria laid on. The High Street station and arcade were renovated in 1937 to cope with the large number of shoppers.

Barkers, Derry and Toms and Pontings were the giants of the high street. All started as small businesses which expanded rapidly swallowing up all the smaller retailers. From the late 1930s even bigger and more impressive buildings were built. But even these mighty concerns succumbed. Barkers by 1920 controlled the entire southern frontage from Young Street to Wright's Lane. By 1957 Barkers was taken over by the House of Fraser. Sadly in January 2006 Barkers closed its doors for good.

But this was not how the station looked when it was built in 1868. To see the first station, go to the next screen.

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