St Joseph's Home - 20th Century

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Large institutional building behind a brick wall

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St Joseph's Home - 20th Century

St Joseph's Home for the Elderly was established by the Little Sisters of the Poor in the late 1860s. The Sisters came from Brittany, France. Externally it resembled a workhouse infirmary. However, contemporary accounts tell of a more charitable and relaxed regime. The old and ill of both sexes were housed in large airy dormitories with patchwork quilts on the beds.The home was well supported by the local community. The Sisters were a familiar sight in the area until the late 1970s. They regularly collected foodstuffs from the market stalls and local shops. When the home was demolished the old wall was retained but the entrances blocked up.

But how did the Sisters manage to acquire such a large site and what was there before 1867?

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