Notting Hill Gate in 2006 - 21st Century

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Notting Hill Gate in 2006 - 21st Century

Notting Hill Gate today is a major highway leading out of London to Oxford and the West. In the 1950s a large area, from the junction with Kensington Church Street and along the north side, was cleared. The road was widened and new 1960s houses, shops and offices built. The London County Council scheme also included a tower block, Campden Hill Towers seen on the right.

The residents were appalled by the harsh, uncompromising architecture. But the most amusing complaint came from local hairdressers. Customers complained that their hairstyles were ruined as soon as they left by the wind. Recently efforts have been made to soften the harshness by planting trees and putting up sculptures.

Where is the underground station? The main concourse has been hidden under the road.Just on the extreme right a glimpse of the old high street can be seen. Watch for this building on the next picture.

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