School governors

Governors are unpaid volunteers responsible for the oversight and strategic management of their school, including the curriculum, finance, premises, staff and pupils.

All of the Royal Borough’s maintained schools are required by law to have a governing body. The size of these governing bodies ranges from 13 to 20 and there are some 560 governors in total, falling into five categories:

  • Parent governors - elected by the parents at the school
  • Staff governors - elected by the staff at the school and including the head teacher ex-officio
  • Community governors - co-opted by the governing body
  • Local Authority governors - appointed by the local authority
  • Foundation governors - appointed by the church authorities

Governors are elected by the parents or staff at the school, or are appointed by the Council, the church authorities (in the case of church schools) or by the governing body itself. The Council makes its appointments to governing bodies by seeking nominations from the political parties represented on the Council.

The Council provides information and training for governors, free of charge, to assist them in carrying out their duties.