Band values and charges

Amount payable

The Royal Borough’s Council Tax by band for the financial year 2015-16, (including all precepts and levies, except for those for garden squares) is:

Band Council Tax Range of values
A £708.22 up to and including £40,000
B £826.25 £40,001 to £52,000
C £944.29 £52,001 to £68,000
D £1062.33 £68,001 to £88,000
E £1298.41 £88,001 to £120,000
F £1534.48 £120,001 to £160,000
G £1770.55 £160,001 to £320,000
H £2124.66 over £320,000

Band values

These are assessed by the Listing Officer of the Valuation Office Agency of the Inland Revenue, not by the Royal Borough. The ‘band value’ of your home is based on the amount it might have fetched on the open market in April 1991. This is subject to a number of assumptions, including:

  • the sale would be with full vacant possession
  • houses would be sold freehold
  • flats would be sold with a 99 year lease
  • the property, and any common parts are in reasonable repair

As all valuations are based on the assumed market value as at 1 April 1991, any increase or decrease in value caused by fluctuations in the property market after this date will not affect them.

Appealing against your Council Tax band

There are only limited circumstances where you can make an appeal against your Council Tax band, these include:

  • where there has been material increase or reduction in the value of your property
    this may result from building, engineering or other work carried out on the property (in these cases, revaluation does not take place until after the property is sold, so if a band is increased as a result, the person appealing against it would normally be the new owner or resident)
  • where all or part of the building has been demolished, or houses have been converted into flats or flats converted to houses
  • within six months of:
    a band change being made to your property by the Valuation Officer
    a band change to a similar property as a result of a Valuation Tribunal decision, or
    becoming a Council Tax payer for the property for the first time. However, if the same appeal has already been considered and determined by a Valuation Tribunal, it cannot be made again.

For further information about making an appeal, please contact the Valuation Officer

You must continue to pay Council Tax until any appeal is decided. The bill will be adjusted if your appeal is successful.

What we spend

The Council will spend £417 million in 2015-16 on a wide range of local services such as schools, social services, highways and waste collection excluding housing and council tax benefits paid. Our council tax requirement after taking into account all income and Government funding is £73 million. The council also collects over £27 million on behalf of the Greater London Authority to pay for London wide services, such as the Metropolitan Police. More details can be found on pages 25 to 29 in the Council Tax and Business Rates Information Booklet.

Council Tax and Business Rates Information Booklet 2015-16.

Council Tax Precept Charges 2015/16

*RBKC Council Tax

GLA Tax Total Council Tax
A £511.55 £196.67 £708.22
B £596.81 £229.44 £826.25
C £682.07 £262.22 £944.29
D £767.33 £295.00 £1,062.33
E £937.85 £360.56 £1,298.41
F £1,108.37 £426.11 £1,534.48
G £1,278.88 £491.67 £1,770.55
H £1,534.66 £590.00 £2,124.66