Canalside Activity Centre

Paddling on the river

Our activities have been devised to address personal and social development, using the medium of sport, which is a more effective way than leaving it to chance.

Sports can be used to attract young people to integrated programmes that offer formal programmes in personal development, health awareness and employment training. The activities provided at Canalside are accredited and have proved to be a good way of young people being involved in community programmes.

Both Canalside and Cremorne are both licensed outdoor activity centres and hold a comprehensive AALA (Adventure Activities Licencing Authority). This is a mandatory requirement for activity centre that works with young people.

All staff are professionally qualified coaches and the centre undergoes safety reviews on a regular basis. Our programme is delivered both onsite in the Royal Borough and also residentially in the great outdoors.

If you are under 18 years old you will need to ask your parent or carer to complete this consent form: