Traid textile collections

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In partnership with TRAID - the textile recycling charity - we are running a scheme to recycle your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories.

Call TRAID on 0208 733 2580 (select option 1) or use the online booking form below:


What happens next?

A collector will call on the Saturday following your request, between 9am and 12 noon to collect your unwanted shoes, clothes and accessories for reuse and recycling as long as you have notified TRAID by 1pm the previous Friday. Please place all your items together in a bag.

All profits raised from the scheme will go towards TRAID’s projects, fighting global poverty overseas and providing environmental education in the UK. For more information about the organisation please visit


Important things to note

  • Please tie any pairs of shoes you donate.
  • Please ensure you have a minimum of one bin liner's worth of clothing to make it worthwhile for us to come out.
  • Shoes, clothing and accessories - clean and good quality please!
  • For information TRAID's registered charity number is 297489