Look for O2 wifiFast free internet now live in Exhibition Road

Following a partnership between the Council and O2, wifi is now available in the cultural heartland of London, Exhibition Road, South Kensington.  And it’s free for everyone.

You can now access the internet, check your emails and keep in touch on the move, when you’re out and about along Exhibition Road.  From Hyde Park in the north all the way down to South Kensington Tube station.

Look for O2 wifi on your list of available networks and follow three easy steps to register. Then you’re online.

What you get

O2 wifi will give you speeds up to ten times faster than a normal mobile connection. So it’s as good for YouTube or uploading your photos to Facebook as it is for email and keeping in touch with colleagues and friends. And it’s simple and safe to use.

When you’ve signed-up, that’s it.  There are no passwords or usernames to connect. Every time you come into an O2 wifi area, they’ll connect you automatically.  And it won’t eat into your mobile’s data allowance. You don’t even have to be an O2 customer to use it.

Whether your mobile is with another network or you get your home broadband from someone else, everyone’s welcome.

Where you'll be able to get it

Currently O2 wifi is only available along Exhibition Road, but there are plans to expand the coverage across most of the borough.  We will update this page as the rollout proceeds.