Planning Consultations

Current consultations and events

  • Royal Brompton Hospital Draft SPD The draft Supplementary Planning Document for the Royal Brompton Hospital’s land in Chelsea was made available for consultation for six weeks from Thursday 27 February to Thursday 10 April, this consultation has now been extended until Wednesday 30 April 2014.

The following consultations took place recently. Please note the event are in date order with the most recent events first. 

  • Basements. The Council is consulting on the "Publication Policies" relating to Basement development. The consultation will run from Wednesday 12 February to midnight on Wednesday 26 March.
  • Conservation and Design. The Council is consulting on the "Publication Policies" relating to Conservation and Design. The consultation will run from Wednesday 12 February to midnight on Wednesday 26 March.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule. The Council’s Draft Charging Schedule has been published and contains the proposed rates for development in this borough. This will only be chargeable on additional floorspace for certain types of development as defined by the CIL Regulations. Public consultation on the Draft Charging Schedule took place between Tuesday 21 January to Sunday 23 February.  
  • Draft Notting Hill Gate Supplementary Planning Document The draft SPD for Notting Hill Gate was available for comments for 8 weeks from 28 November 2013 to 23 January 2014. A series of drop-in session were held at Waterstones in Notting Hill Gate on Wednesday 15 January, Monday 20 January and Tuesday 21 January. 
  • The Draft Transport and Streets Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) consultation was open for comments from 28 November 2013 to 23 January 2014. This document will replace the Transport SPD. The Transport SPD was adopted in 2008 and since then the Core Strategy has been adopted meaning there is a need for the SPD to support the policy in the current Local Plan. The Draft Transport and Streets SPD also includes simplified parking standards, that will replace those set out in the Unitary Development Plan, and update guidance for areas including cycle parking, streetscape and Construction Traffic Management Plans.
  • Royal Brompton Hospital The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust approached the Council to develop a planning brief for a number of sites in Chelsea. We want to understand the important issues that local businesses and residents believe should be covered by this planning brief and have set out a series of options for the sites. A consultation will run from 25 November 2013 to 9 December 2013. More details can be found on our Royal Brompton Hospital web page.
  • Core Strategy Review The Council consulted on the "publication drafts" of a number of documents as part of the on-going review of the Core Strategy. Please select the topic below for more information, the publication paper and the supporting documents.

  • Changing our local validation requirements for planning applications we are proposing a new procedure that will ensure applications arrive on officers' desks more speedily, with fewer stalling at the application stage, and provide improved clarity for applicants. A consultation on the proposed changes was held until Friday 19 July 2013. Download the consultation covering letter [PDF] (file size 101Kb). Download the proposed validation checklist [PDF] (file size 829Kb)  
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Consultation on the Council’s CIL was carried out in early 2013. A second round of consultation on the amended document will take place later in the year. More information is available on the Council’s CIL web pages

Past Consultations

All past consultations regarding the Core Strategy and Supplementary Planning documents together with the responses received, and the officers' responses and recommendations, can be found on the Planning Portal Archive. Details of some of the more recent consultations can be viewed on the past consultations webpage.

The Council's responses to consultations by other bodies

The Council responds to consultations conducted by other bodies. The most recent responses are listed below.

Last updated 12 February 2014