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About the Kensington and Chelsea Partnership


The Local Government Act 2000 introduced a requirement for each local authority to develop a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) that brings together the public, private, business, voluntary and community sectors to identify the top priorities for the local community and to work with local people to address them.


The Kensington and Chelsea Partnership

The Kensington and Chelsea Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership for the borough and it consists of the Council, the local Police, the local Fire Service, the local NHS, the business community and the local voluntary and community sectors. The Partnership aims to join-up services within the borough, plan locally for the long-term, and improve quality of life in the borough, especially in more deprived neighbourhoods.

The Kensington and Chelsea Steering Group

The Steering Group is the ‘board’ for the Kensington and Chelsea Partnership, and contains representatives from each of the organisations and sectors within the Partnership. The Steering Group drives the work of the Partnership forward and carries out the formal scrutiny and decision-making functions which are required of Local Strategic Partnerships. It meets every two months and most meetings are open to the public.You can see papers relating to past meetings, and dates and papers on the Meetings and Minutes page.

The Steering Group's main aims are to:

  • co-ordinate and work to improve the overall delivery of services provided by public bodies and voluntary organisations in the area
  • develop, consult upon, and oversee delivery of the Community Strategy and to review this regularly and publish progress reports annually
  • co-ordinate and add value to the work of the many Partnerships and networks already operating in the borough  
  • co-ordinate consultation by partners and value the rich diversity of people living and working in the borough, acting in a positive way so that all sections of the community are able to play a part in improving the quality of life in Kensington and Chelsea
  • adopt a structure which is representative of the various stakeholders, with open and transparent decision-making and commitment to community consultation and involvement which is reviewed from time to time to ensure that it is still fit for its purpose
  • lobby central and regional Government on issues of concern to the partnership

Who are the members of the Kensington and Chelsea Steering Group?

The current membership of the Kensington and Chelsea Partnership Steering Group is shown below. To find out more information about each of the organisations involved, click on the links.

Current members of the Kensington and Chelsea Partnership
Sector Representation Organisation Member
The business sector Business representative (1 seat) Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce Mr Malcolm Spalding, (Chairman), President, Kensington and Chelsea Chamber of Commerce*
The public sector Strategic Training Provider (1 seat) TBC TBC
The Council (4 seats) The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Councillor Rock Feilding-Mellen, Cabinet Member for Civil Society*
Councillor Elizabeth Campbell, Cabinet Member for Education and Libraries*
Councillor Elizabeth Rutherford, Councillor for Courtfield Ward*
Councillor Judith Blakeman, Leader of the Minority Party*


The local Health Service (1 seat) NHS Kensington and Chelsea TBC
The Police (1 seat) Kensington and Chelsea Borough Police Borough Commander
The Fire Service (1 seat) The London Fire Brigade Jane Philpott, Borough Commander
The voluntary and community sector The Council for Voluntary Service (1 seat) Kensington and Chelsea Social Council Mr Michael Bach, Chair of the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council*
The Voluntary Organisations Forum (VOF) (4 seats) The Voluntary Organisations Forum

Vicki Laville-Davies, Children, Young People and Families VOF*

Helen Leech, Adult Health and Well-being, Older Peoples VOF

Gemma Brown, Engaging Communities VOF

Jamie Renton, representing on disability and equality issues

Local faith groups (1 seat) The Forum of Faiths Eileen Menzies, the Forum of Faiths*
Community sector representatives (2 seats) Local residents

Fay Edwards, Tenants Management Organisation*

Second community representative - TBC

The social housing sector Registered Social Landlord (1 seat) Representative of Homes and Housing Group Alison Muir, Head of Neighbourhoods, Peabody

*indicates that members are local residents