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Using the boxes below, you can check online for information on parking suspensions booked in any road of the Royal Borough.

The online information is accurate up to the next three or five days depending on the type of bay. This is due to the nature of the suspension process that requires a booking notice of ten working days for resident places and two working days for pay and display bays.

Once a booking is confirmed, notice of the imminent suspension is posted over the nearest available signage within the relevant parking place. On street suspension notice is provided seven calendar days in advance for a resident parking place and one day in advance for a pay and display bay.

Subscribe to parking email alerts

You can also subscribe to parking email alerts to receive notice of suspensions in your road.

This information is only guidance and does not replace the need for residents to check daily before 8.30am that their vehicle is not parked in a suspended bay.

For more information on any parking suspension, please see the yellow suspension sign in the street itself.

Disclaimer for Parking Suspensions

Email alerts are only issued for new suspension notices from the time of registration.

New applicants and account holders who add new streets to their list will not receive an alert for a suspension which is currently in progress.

To view past alerts which are currently in progress you can search for all suspensions in progress.

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