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London History Festival

Kensington Central Library and Waterstones will be hosting the seventh London History Festival this autumn - Monday 16 to Thursday 26 November.

Additional Crossrail 2 drop in event Sat 28 Nov

Chelsea residents now have another chance to find out about plans for a Crossrail 2 station on the King’s Road following Transport for London’s (TfL) decision to put on an additional drop-in event.

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From adversity comes strength

Britain’s relationship with France runs very deep. The two of us have a profound historical connection, a close family resemblance, but also, let’s face it, a long-standing rivalry. But actually I don’t think that rivalry amounts to very much these days: the odd spat in Brussels perhaps, or the odd boo at Twickenham. Fact is – with so many French people living in Britain and so many Britons living in France, we have simply moved “ever closer”, and in the real, rather than the EU sense.”

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