Featured services

Report a problem

Report faults and problems within the borough. All faults are dealt with individually. You can only report one problem at a time.

Climate change

Find out about green initiatives in the Royal Borough and what the council is doing to tackle climate change. 

Environmental health

Information about food safety, pest control and health guidance for residents.

Noise and nuisance

Information about what is considered to be noise and nuisance and how to report it.

Advice for builders

Guidance for those carrying out construction work in the Royal Borough.

Air quality

Information about air pollution and air quality.

Extreme Weather

Information and advice on what to do in the event of high winds, floods or heatwaves.

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

Information about tree conservation and biodiversity projects in the Royal Borough.

The Holland Park Ecology Centre

Information about the Holland Park Ecology Centre, events and tips to explore nature at home.