Chelsea Forum

The Chelsea Forum meets twice a year, with the next meeting planned on Monday 12 July. The Chelsea Forum is hosted by Councillors from Chelsea Riverside, Brompton and Hans Town, Royal Hospital and Stanley wards to create opportunities for dialogue with local people about what matters to them and to try and find ways for local people to influence decision making in their area. 

This is an opportunity for local people and those who have a connection to the Chelsea area to share their thoughts on priorities and ideas to make their community better. It also offers residents the chance to come up with ideas to tackle issues and inform the work of the Council and other services.
There will be opportunities to work in groups alongside Chelsea Councillors to discuss the below themes and help come up with ideas that could be advanced further through the City Living, Local Life programme. 

Key themes:

  • Community Life & Voluntary Work
  • Community Safety
  • Natural Environment
  • Built Environment
  • Business & Hospitality
Who can attend?

The Chelsea Forum is open to people who live or work in Chelsea Riverside, Brompton and Hans Town, Royal Hospital and Stanley wards. 

You will be asked to indicate which ward you live or work in when you register. We also ask that you indicate if you are attending to represent a particular organisation or group.

How does the Chelsea Forum work? 

The Forum typically includes information from local Councillors on what the Council is working in the area, group-based discussions on key areas of interest amongst residents, ward Councillors, and other local service providers. These conversations generate ideas for projects that residents can pursue with the support of the Council and other organisations, areas for further discussion and work amongst those with a connection to the local area, or work that the Council can directly lead on.

How do I join? 

The next meeting will be hosted on Monday 12 July, 6:30 – 8:00PM.

If you’d like to join the meeting of the next Chelsea Forum, please contact the VCS and Community Partnerships Team

Please provide your name, your ward of residence/work, and the email address you’d like invitations sent to. If you are representing an organisation, please include the organisation’s name. This information will be managed in accordance with the Council’s GDPR obligations to protect your privacy.

Once you join you will be invited to all future forums. One week before the forum, an agenda and any relevant materials will be sent to everyone who has registered their interest to attend. Within three weeks after the meeting we will send a full meeting report along with a Q&A document answering any unresolved questions.

Last updated: 3 June 2021