City Living, Local Life

About the programme

What is City Living, Local Life?

City Living, Local Life (CLLL) is a ward-based community programme that helps residents improve their neighbourhoods by creating opportunities for conversations and providing funding for community activities. 
As part of City Living, Local Life you can:

  • Influence what happens in your local area
  • Seek funding for projects and activities that help make your neighbourhood a better place
  • Get together with others to do positive things for your local area

Working closely with residents and Ward Councillors, share a project idea, get support, and make your idea a reality. 

Projects that will receive funding support under CLLL must address one of the below aims:

  • Enhance the understanding of local areas (including local history, local people, the area itself in terms of geography and places within it);
  • Build stronger connections and relationships between local people;
  • Help to identify, assess and prioritise improvements in local areas;
  • Devise practical solutions that involve local people, to address local issues; and
  • Work with local people and organisations to deliver solutions.

Ward Councillors are at the heart of this work and help prioritise projects that are led by the community. Take a look at how you can find out your ward or councillor.

How do I apply?

To apply you must first have an idea for a community-based activity or event that can be supported by a local voluntary organisation. 

Next, you should discuss your project with our VCS & Community Partnerships Team or your Ward Councillor to ensure you have a strong application proposal.

Finally, you’ll be required to submit your application using the online portal below.

Apply now

Please note that applications must be made by an organisation or group with a bank account, so we encourage you to apply with an established organisation.

If you need help submitting an application, please contact the VCS & Community Partnerships Team at:

Funding Support

How funding works?

CLLL funding helps projects get started, by contributing towards small one-off events or to act as match-funding from other sources.

Kensington and Chelsea Council is divided into 18 wards each represented by two or three elected Councillors. Each ward has a dedicated amount of seed funding to support new projects in their area.

Each area of Kensington and Chelsea is unique, and so are the approaches taken by different wards and the types of projects supported. The aims of the programme are the same across all wards, though, and projects must meet at least one of these aims to receive funding.

Before you apply – guidance for when making an application

Please read the City Living, Local Life Funding Conditions below.

After you apply – review process once an application is submitted

Under normal circumstance we aim to process each application within 4-6 weeks of submission (public event applications typically require at least 6 weeks assess, because applicants must seek permissions from relevant departments).

After you submit your application, an officer from the City Living, Local Life Team will contact you with follow-up questions and to ensure all required materials have been submitted.

The officer will then share your application with ward Councillors. If Councillors have any additional questions you will be contacted to offer further information on your application. 

Applications that are only successful—receive funding in full or in part—if all Councillors from the ward to which the application was made agree to support the project. For applications made to more than one ward, all Councillors from all relevant wards must agree to support the project, though it is possible to secure some funding if all Councillors from at least one of the wards agree. We will inform you of the decision by using the contact information you have provided.

ProjectBudgets and Spending by Ward

Kensington and Chelsea is divided into 18 wards which each have dedicated seed funding to support new projects. Wards with three Councillors have £30,000 per year and wards with two Councillors have £21,000.

For more information on funded projects and information from past fiscal years, please contact the VCS & Community Partnerships Team at: [email protected]

Contact us

Get in touch with the VCS & Community Partnerships Team if you’d like to sign up for updates, help with submitting your application, discuss a new idea, or ask a question or get more information about the programme.

Last updated: 17 July 2023